Zero-SWARM’s participation in Mobile World Congress 2024 was a resounding success, showcasing our commitment to innovation in the field of manufacturing. Amidst discussions on cybersecurity and the future of work, the Zero-SWARM project found its spot, adding a dash of collaborative spirit. It was a joyful celebration of mobile innovation and its boundless possibilities for shaping our world!

Our esteemed partners, i2CAT, Neutroon, Opticoms, SMS digital GmbH, Ubiwhere, effectively presented the Zero-SWARM project, highlighting the relevance of our proposed solutions and the developed components.

Participating in large-scale events like MWC 2024 is vital for us. It helps us engage directly with the community and potential adopters, addressing their needs and showcasing our trials. We can invite attendees to test our solutions for free, making it easier to generate interest and drive adoption.

The trials conducted within the project by partners across the three nodes serve as the cornerstone of our endeavor, representing the condensed efforts and expertise of all involved parties. These trials epitomize our collaborative approach and underscore the depth of our collective work

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