In addition to showcasing its smart city solutions, Ubiwhere also presented its involvement in the Zero-SWARM project during the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) 2022 in Barcelona. 

Ubiwhere is one of the partners of the project, along with several other European companies and research institutions. The company is responsible for developing the communication infrastructure, data management, and visualization components of the system, which will enable real-time monitoring of waste containers and the optimization of waste collection routes.

The zero-SWARM project represents an exciting opportunity to leverage the power of technology to address one of the most pressing challenges facing cities today – waste management. The project aligns with Ubiwhere’s mission to develop cutting-edge solutions that enhance urban mobility, sustainability, and quality of life. By participating in the project, the company is contributing to the development of a more sustainable and efficient waste management system, which will benefit both the environment and urban citizens.