Mobile intelligent agents for integrated re-configurability of the zero plastic waste production line

Our focus on #effectiveness and #sustainability is more important than ever as we enter the dynamic food sector and the world of healthy products and navigate the ever-changing production landscape.

Startling statistics show that the consumption of plastics in Europe in 2017 contributed to an astounding 173 kg of packaging waste per resident. I’m excited to give you an insight into one of the amazing

In partnership with the innovative Zero-SWARM project, REEPACK is making next steps towards the future of #automation architecture and bringing it to life today.

The trial, which is embedded inside the environment of a south node, is focused on the development of flexible and agile manufacturing lines. To energize this shift, we’re utilizing the enormous potential of #Zero-SWARM’s ground-breaking technology.

The experts are putting theory into action! Our trial, conducted at the esteemed F9 facility, is a compact automatic packaging line. Picture this: De-Nester units, synchronized infeed chain conveyors, and packaging machines with specialized die-sets for Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

What truly sets this trial apart is the integration of mobile agents mounted on AGVs, a combination that is taking line re-configurability and material transport to new heights.

As we navigate this journey, we’re not only pushing the boundaries of technological innovation but also aligning with the objectives of the ZERO-SWARM project – efficient information collection and waste reduction. Our efforts are contributing to the edge-cloud continuum and working towards minimizing production and plastic waste in the packaging sector.