Carolina Fernández, a representative from I2CAT, recently presented some innovative use cases for the Zero-SWARM project at the “5G Architectures for Industry 4.0” seminar held at IMH – Advanced and Digital Manufacturing Campus in Guipúzcoa. The event, which featured both in-person and remote presenters, was an opportunity to showcase the potential of next-generation wireless networks for industrial applications.

During her presentation, Carolina highlighted the Zero-SWARM project’s capabilities in providing solutions for advanced and automated manufacturing processes using 5G technologies. She demonstrated how the project’s innovative approach to wireless networking can provide real-time data transfer, enabling a more efficient and streamlined manufacturing process.

The presentation at the IMH seminar was an opportunity for Carolina and the Zero-SWARM project to showcase their innovative approach to wireless networking and how it can revolutionize the manufacturing industry. The event provided a platform for the project to connect with experts and potential partners, generating more interest in its capabilities and solutions.