Opticoms, a leading provider of optical communication solutions, participated in the Germany Connected event held in Mainz in December 2022. The event brought together industry experts and technology providers to discuss the latest developments in the field of connectivity and networking.

At the event, Opticoms showcased their involvement in the ZeroSWARM project, a cutting-edge initiative aimed at providing safe and autonomous transport of goods on factory shop floors using 5G technology. The project is a collaborative effort between several leading companies in the manufacturing industry, with Opticoms playing a crucial role in providing optical communication solutions for the project.

Opticoms’ team members were on hand at the event to demonstrate their expertise in providing reliable and high-speed optical communication solutions for industrial applications. They showcased their products and technologies, including optical transceivers, fiber-optic cables, and Ethernet switches, which are widely used in industrial automation, machine vision, and other critical applications.

Opticoms’ participation in the event provided a valuable opportunity to network with industry experts and showcase their contributions to the Zero-SWARM project. By participating in events like Germany Connected, Opticoms continues to demonstrate its commitment to driving innovation and advancing the state of the art in optical communication solutions.