Edge-cloud continuum to support smart maintenance and optimization

Integration and connectivity of equipment are crucial for maximizing efficiency and effectiveness in the fast-paced world of industrial manufacturing. The truth is that many devices remain fragmented and lack a unified remote control platform that can handle multi-tasking and cloud storage, as well as the ability to manage orders, oversee efficiencies, and carry out maintenance seamlessly. This is true despite a few specialized software integration projects.

Let’s talk about another trial of the South Node conducted by the experts ofย REEPACK, an important component of our ongoing work. This trial, which is housed in the F9 building, addresses the integration problem we have been trying to solve. Utilizing the potential of intelligent maintenance
Even more exciting is how the edge-cloud continuum is used to model digital twins of manufacturing systems. This amazing achievement enhances the functionality of the website and prepares the road for unmatched effectiveness.

We’re also diving into the world of augmented reality, but that’s not all. by combining it with 3D glasses and mobile devices, the maintenance operations, particularly in such high-stress emergency circumstances are redefined.

The strategic use of 5GNPN with mobile edge computing, which ensures the necessary bandwidth and latency for efficient maintenance and optimization procedures, is the basis of this initiative.
What precisely is going on in this trial? Consider a hardware and software-inclusive automated packaging line that is completely integrated with the ReeNEXT platform. The edge changed by this integration and #ZeroSWARM capabilities.

Of course, without the crucial function of 5G technology, it wouldn’t be conceivable. Its secure and effective communication capabilities fill the gap between the system’s internal Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and the IT industry. ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ”’

This accomplishment proves REEPACK’s constant dedication to fostering innovation and efficiency in the industrial production sector. Visit the REEPACK website to find out more about this experiment and the ZERO-SWARM initiative and to see firsthand how we’re reshaping the manufacturing industry.