5G & IoT (Internet of Things) for the manufacturing sector

Written by Matteo Grandi, (Neutroon), Amine Smaali & Kerim Agdaci (Opticoms GmbH)

A majority of manufacturing professionals searched for “smart factories”, “communications”, “product life cycle”, and “management” on Google or LinkedIn in the past three months.

What is the common thread among all those topics?

In this article we are not only explaining that, but also sharing some latest tips and tricks to get the most out of 5G and some recommendations to :

·      Streamline smart factories.

·       Improve internal and external communications.

·       Unify full product life cycle management on a single network.

A wide variety of fields are using the Internet of Things (IoT), including manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, public safety, logistics, energy management, and organizational redesign.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have been forced to pivot to a new normal, which has a wide range of impacts on society:

·      The number of connected devices

·      The size of generated data.

·      Computing power.

This list may seem short, but it will make the world a broader and faster place in terms of connectivity, allowing even more industries and businesses to use IoT.

The introduction of 5G in IoT has emerged as a potential solution for the manufacturing sector under constant pressure to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. This step has led to a rapid convergence between the telco and the industrial domains.

Industrial domains and factory spaces include various heterogeneous devices with stringent communication requirements and complex topologies involving different processes. This complex ecosystem renders public telco networks challenging, as manufacturers and factory operators usually require complete control of the underlying network leading to the introduction of Non-Public Networks (NPNs) specifically for industry and, later, for private domains.

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