5G enabled remote quality control for zero defect resilient manufacturing

Introducing the trial conducted by Innovalia Association as part of South Node — a momentous step that will take place at two important locations, Laser Application Center of AIMEN Centro Tecnológico and the Automotive Intelligence Centre.

Our attention? Utilizing the innovative 5G technologies’ promise to revolutionize manufacturing, dependability, and quality of a specific metal component.

But it doesn’t end there. By using a zero-defect manufacturing (ZDM) strategy, we are reinventing the manufacturing industry. Our ultimate mission is to ensure unparalleled robustness, stability, and repeatability, right from the outset of product design. This is achieved by seamlessly embedding inline quality control processes into the heart of the manufacturing workflow.
Trial’s smooth 5G integration is what really sets it different. This infusion not only grants newfound flexibility to the production line, facilitating hassle-free reconfiguration sans additional network cables, but also empowers remote operation of highly time-sensitive equipment with substantial data transfer requirements.

This trial, which strategically aligns with our goals, focuses on the critical need to streamline and automate the deployment, setup, and management of 5G services in an industrial setting.

There’s more, too! A game-changer is the seamless integration of quality control procedures into the workflow of additive manufacturing. This accomplishment opens the door to a secure data continuum, encouraging open and independent data sharing. The increased attention being paid to cybersecurity maintains data integrity all the way through the production process.

Aligned with Zero-SWARM objectives, this trial encompasses the establishment of a universal approach for distributed intelligent control applications. The goal is to ensure portability, flexibility, reusability, and interoperability of applications at the edge of the shop floor. All this is achieved through a secure and trustworthy information continuum, paving the way for smart manufacturing.